[Free] Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme

Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme

Divi is the best theme with low pagespeed and beautiful degin. Divi is not just a WordPress theme, it is also a brand new website building platform, replacing the standard.

WordPress post editor with a very good visual editor. Design professionals and novices alike can enjoy it, allowing you to create spectacular designs with amazing ease and efficiency.

Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme Features:

  • More than 20 ready-made layouts right out of the box
  • Switch between vertical and horizontal navigation
  • Color adjustment, enable transparent headers or hide navigation before scrolling

#Drag & Drop Building

In Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme, You can add, delete and move elements around on the front end of your website. No coding and no confusing back end options.

#True Visual Editing

Design your page in real time and see the results instantly. Create and customize your pages using intuitive visual controls.

#Custom CSS Control

Developers can easily combine Divi’s visual design controls with their own custom CSS. Divi’s interface is simple yet not limiting.

#Responsive Editing

Building beautiful responsive websites is easy. Divi is responsive by nature and also gives you full control over how your website looks on mobile devices.

#Design Options Galoren

Enjoy dozens of unique page elements and thousands of design options. Divi gives you full design control over your website.

#Inline Text Editing

Just click and start typing! Editing your page has never been this easy. Draft pages on the front end and see the results instantly as you type.

#Save & Manage Your Designs

In Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme, Save and manage unlimited custom designs. Easily re-use them to jump-start new pages. Create advanced design systems and streamline your work flow.

#Global Elements & Styles

Manage your entire website’s design using global elements and website-wide design settings. Divi isn’t just a page builder, it’s a website design system.

#Undo, Redo, & Revisions

Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme works like a modern software application. Easily undo, redo and travel through your entire editing history. If you make a mistake, Divi has your back.

Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme Customization:

#Hover State Styling

Using the hover option, you can create stunning hover effects and transform Divi modules into interesting interactive elements. Our hover options interface is unique and very easy to use. Every design setting in Divi that supports transitions can now be easily customized on hover.

#Responsive Editing

With Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme, you can easily make a responsive website. Divi is responsive by default, but it takes responsive design a step further by giving you full control of every design setting on every mobile device. This allows you to perfectly customize the appearance of each element on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

#Fonts & Text Styling

Enjoy a full range of text and font options. Choose from hundreds of web fonts or upload your own fonts. Customize text size, letter spacing and line height. Change the font weight and text style. Control all standard text elements, such as anchor links, lists, and block quotes.

#Shape Dividers

Add custom shapes and effects to your pages, creating dynamic transitions between blocks of content and adding that extra bit of personal flare to your website. Shape Dividers can be placed above and below each section on your website, allowing you to easily build stunning transition effects between different parts of your page.

#Border Options

Add borders to any element using Divi’s robust border editor. Create rounded corners. Control border sizes, colors and styles and create unique effects by adjusting each edge of your element individually.

Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme Demo and Download Link:

Demo: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi

Divi v4.10.3 Premium WordPress Theme Download: Click Here to download

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