Advantages and Disadvantages of City Life Composition বাংলা অর্থসহ (PDF)

William Cowper, the famous English poet, wrote. “God made the country and man made the town.” So, man has attraction to city life because he can enjoy more advantages by living in a city.

More opportunities for work and employment : In a city there are more opportunities for work and employment. There are many offices, industries and factories in a city.

Better scope of education : There are more schools and colleges in a city. So there is better scope of education,

More and better medical facilities: In a city people get more and better medical facilities than the people of village. In a city there are more hospitals and clinics. There are more qualified doctors in a city.

Easier communication : Science has made the world smaller. It has been invented and discovered in any means and ways of communication. So communication has become easier. In a city people can communicate with one another over telephone, telex, fax etc. through less inconvenience.

Easier transportation : In a city people need not go to distant places on foot. There are various types of vehicles in a city by which people can reach a place earlier and faster with less trouble.

More scope for art, culture and literature: People in a city have more scope of practising art culture and literature. There are more cultural centres and literary clubs.

More scope of cultivating intellect : Since most of the people in a city are educated, they get more opportunity to cultivate their intellect.

More recreational facilities : In a city people enjoy more recreational facilities. There are many cinema halls, theatres, clubs, parks etc.

More comfortable domestic life : In a city domestic life is more comfortable, Women need not go to bring water, to collect firewood etc. to light kerosene lamps etc.

More civic facilities : In a city people enjoy more civic facilities. They get everything at their hand.

Disadvantages : There is no unmixed blessing on earth. Everything has its merits and demerits. Similarly city life has some demerits than merits

Pollution : Air is more polluted in a city. It gets polluted in many ways. people can not breathe in pure air. Besides this, there are water pollution and sound pollution.

Higher standard of living : In a city the standard of living is costlier and higher, people of limited income lead their life through much hardship. The price of things are very higher.

More violence and crime: More violence and crime take place in a city. The criminals do not hesitate to commit crime, violence, killing, hijacking and so many crimes and anti-social activities.

More unsecured life : Life in a city is more insecure. People have no safety and security.

Less scope of enjoying of natural beauty: He cannot enjoy the wide-open sky above, and the green fields, beautiful flowers and murmuring streams on the earth below. He cannot hear the sweet songs of birds.

More Traffic Jam : Sometimes people in a city get stuck in a traffic jam and as a result they suffer more.

Less scope of getting fresh things : There is less scope of getting fresh things. In a city there is adulteration in everything.

Less scope of enjoying life : He is always in a hurry as if some invisible demon, the demon of materialism, drives him on with a whip in hand. In short, life here is so artificial that man soon loses his divine origin and becomes almost a machine.

Conclusion : Above all, a city is a veritable university for men who like to acquire wisdom from observation and experience. Someone has truly said: “If you would be known and not know, live in a village: if you would know and be unknown, live in a city.”

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