6 Ways To Earn $100 Every Day Online With Your Own Blog or Website – Or Someone Else’s

Many income sources linked to websites require an online blog or site. The next six income-generating strategies work with your own website, or one of someone else’s. Even if you have a website it is possible to broaden your reach to include participation from other websites. Imagine it as the use of the resources of others.

#1: Sell a Physical Product–Yours or Someone Else’s

The majority of us associate websites or blogs as selling digital products. Although this might be the most commonly used route but you can also do exactly the same thing using a physical product. Everyday, it happens on websites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy..

For example my wife and business partner owned an online subscription service known as Happy Mommy Box. There were 1,000 customers paying 35 dollars per month to get the cute boxes that contained items that moms who are happy are awestruck by. (Got it? 1,000 customers for $35 per month, which is a monthly revenue of 35,000!)

This is only one of many examples. Other examples include soap made from scratch and unique home decor T-shirts, and almost everything else you could imagine. It’s not necessary to develop your own product. You can select an item from an external source you are adamant about, and then promote it on your own site or others’ websites.

#2: Sell Digital Products–Yours or Someone Else’s

This, naturally is than what it is that the Internet really is about. The benefit of selling digital goods is that the consumer makes the purchase, and the item is delivered to their device or computer. Once you have working, it’s almost effortless.

Digital publications can include how-to instructions, guides or ebooks or templates for managing money and investing meals plans, workout routines and checklists.

My personal experience is my Make 1K challenge in which you learn how to begin with a blog and earn the first $1,000. The download is completely free however there’s a $7 upgrade option that comes with additional tools. I’m able to earn more than $2,000 per month. It’s totally passive (can you tell that I love passive income? ).

#3: Freelance Writing

If you’re able to write, specifically on a particular topic it is possible to make money writing for a living online. You don’t require a blog or site to do this. You’ll be selling your content to the owners of websites and blogs.

There’s no need to be a graduate of a journalism school or even a journalism school graduate. It’s about learning how to write engaging content and organize it in a simple to read format.

I’ve written a few articles for freelance throughout the years. The rates started at $150 for each article. However, once you’re proficient well-established, you could quickly earn $250 or $500, or even over $1,000 for each piece. You can earn 100 dollars per day fairly quickly.

A freelancer, Holly Johnson, makes over $200k a year by writing for other websites. Holly Johnson can even assist you in becoming an accomplished independent writer.

#4: Create and Sell Online Courses

In #10, I covered creating digital products. One possible source of income is the creation and sale of online courses. It’s not necessary for an expertise (though it can help) however, you should be above average in any skill the course you’re trying to impart.

In the current economic climate, individuals always need to enhance and upgrade their skills in addition to acquiring new ones. An online course that is reasonably priced will help them achieve this. The course must be created by this course. This may be delivered in PDF format as a podcast, a video, or combination of the three.

After it’s been created Once it’s created, you can market the product on your website or on other websites or blogs. If you sell your course on other websites, you may provide owners with an affiliate agreement. If, for instance, your course sells at $50, the website owner would receive $20 from every sale. This eliminates the requirement to pay for advertising expenses and allow you to boost your revenue across as many websites as you want to make affiliate agreements with.

#5: Write and Sell a Book or eBook

A book, specifically an electronic book, is a different way to sell an item or digital product. Similar to the online courses, your ebook can be about any topic on which you are knowledgeable. Just like the case with online courses it is possible to sell them by utilizing affiliate agreements on multiple blogs and websites.

When you publish an ebook It generates a second stream of income that is passive. The income and orders originate from the websites where your book is advertised and then the cash is put into your bank account. There’s nothing you have to do following the creation of your book. The book could generate income for many years.

For instance I wrote my book titled Soldier of Finance some time back, and am still selling copies of it to the present. The expansion of my YouTube channel is a major factor in that, and I am forever grateful to.

#6: Sell Someone Else’s eBook on Your Blog or Website

If you own your own website or blog you could also market the e-book of someone else on your own website which will generate affiliate earnings. With your own website you can create affiliate agreements for multiple books as well as online courses.

It’s a great passive method of earning income through your website. Since there’s plenty of ebooks or online courses available, it’s likely that you’ll have plenty of books to offer at any moment.


There are a lot of money making way from home. I have shared some of the great ways that can be well suitable for everyone. Hope these methods will help you to earn money online.

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