(5 Anger Management Tips) – How to Control your Anger!

Do you lose your calm and start to yell at others for no reason? Do you hurt others by saying mean things? 

Most of us suddenly get angry for no reason at all. So, today we will discuss what is the cause of your anger and how you can control your anger.

Today I come with the top 5 Tips which will help you to control your anger


I’m a very angry person in my personal life, and I start to yell at others for no reason. That’s why many of my friends and family members start to avoid me.

Then I realize that I need to be very careful about my anger. Then I start to thinking How To Control My Anger.  

At the moment, I find out about these five tips. When I get angry, I just applied these five tips, and my anger got boom!!


How To Control Your Anger?

Here are the top 5 tips:

#Reason For Anger

At first, you need to find the reason which makes you angry. Once you find out why you are mad, you can know how to prevent it in the future. 

When you know why you get angry, automatically, it becomes easier to control for you in the future.

You maybe get angry about your hungry or you can get angry about your work. If you find out the actual reason, try to avoid it and know about how to prevent it. It will help you to control your anger.


#Think Before You Speak

You need to be careful about what you say when you are in anger. Because you may use harsh words to others and it makes others sad.

We know that words can not take back, so we need to be careful about what we say when we are in anger.

And you may say harsh words to others when you are angry. But after a few times when your anger is gone, then you may feel guilty. 

You may feel sorry. But the opponents may not agree to accept your apology.

When you are in anger, just try to stay calm and take a break from the conversation that you are having.

If you need to continue that conversation, then think of each and every word that you speak to others and control your anger.


#Take a short break

Take a short break when you are angry and think more rationally about the whole situation. 

Maybe you are in a conversation with your business partner. Suddenly you two guys get into an altercation. 

As usual, your anger has no bounds. So you get very angry with your partner. At a time you make a harsh word to him/her. Then it becomes more complex.

What do you need to do in this situation? 

You can just take a break to realize the situation. Like you can take a little nap helps your brain take a rest and when you realize that your anger is gone then you can think about the situation. 

Or changing your surroundings can also help in controlling anger. For example, take a long drive or do something that you like.

So take your time out and leave the situation. And when you get normal then think about the situation with an open mind.   


#Look For The Consequences 

Anger may be acceptable in some situations. But sometimes we get angry for a silly and small reason and react in a very bad way which doesn’t deserve that kind of reaction.

For example, you are on a date with your partner and today you are wearing your favorite shirt.

Suddenly someone dropped coffee on your new and favorite shirt in the restaurant. 

You might get angry. But in this situation being too angry is not going to help you.

Instead of getting angry, if the mistake is genuine then forgive him or her there only. 

Being angry and saying a really mean word can ruin your relationship and no one will not be friendly to you because of your anger. 

You need to look for the consequences in every situation. If you look at the consequences every time you get angry, you may control the situation without any problem. 

So before reacting, think carefully about the consequences that you might face. 


#Look from others perspective

People often jump to perfection when they are angry and often say the most mean words that pop into their heads. 

You and Kenney are in a very important conversation. But there is a little quarrel about an opinion. 

You think you’re opinion absolutely right and Kenney thinks that his opinion also right.

In the middle of the conversation, suddenly you get angry and you just say a mean word to him.

In this situation, you should try to look from their perspective. You can put yourself in their situation and think about his or her opinion. 

Maybe it’s hard to put yourself in his/her situation when you are angry. You can take help from number two tips. I’m sure these tips will help you to make a healthy relationship. 



In the end, leaving you with a quote,

“It’s important to realize your anger but what’s more important is the way you realise it.” 

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