11 Ways To Earn $100 Every Day Online Without Anyone’s Blog or Website

Okay, let’s suppose you don’t have a blog , or website, and don’t have the time but aren’t too excited about the possibility of earning money through websites owned by other people. Do you think there is a chance to make cash online?

Absolutely! Here are 11 strategies to get it done.

#1: Offer Business or Career Coaching

If you’re a professional who has risen to the top in your industry, then you might be able to begin your own business by becoming a coach for career. It happened to me through a natural process. When I began to build my blog and established my brand, people started turning to me for help on how they could get it to work for them.

At first I would give the tips out for free. Then, eventually, I began charging fees. Since, your time is important and so is your opinion.

What is it that a career coach actually does? do?

According to Modupe Sarumi–aka “Dr. Mo”–at Learnable by Dr. Mo, “I assist professionals who are highly successful in shifting away from dull jobs and into fulfilling careers with less stress and a positive mindset in less time. A large number of professionals are either unemployedor unhappy or underemployed. In any of these categories usually leads to a career pivot or a career shift. I assist professionals in identifying their ideal outcomes, goals as well as their values and abilities and help them align these with the suitable career choices. I also assist them in establishing a establish themselves as professional by utilizing their cover letters and resume, as well as their interview preparation.”

“I provide personalized career support services for any person in any industry,” says Matthew Warzel, President of the firm that offers career coaching and outplacement, MJW Careers, LLC. “Whether you’re re-entering the workforce, a union member needing to draft up a resume for the first time, someone wanting to improve his or her interviewing skills, or an accomplished professional who wants to boost his or her earning potential and marketability, we’re here for them as a one-stop career expert center.”

For the amount you can make as a career coach, Warzel discloses a fee of $100/hour, and Sarumi costs $100- $750 per hour depending on the kind of job. Start the career coach business putting your services on the market via Linked In and other career websites, and via social media.

#2: Sponsored Social Shares

If you’re a popular user with a significant following on one of the most popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter You may be able to earn money by offering promoted social posts. A company will pay you to share information about their products or services via your respective Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channel(s). Naturally, the greater your social media presence is, the higher revenue you will earn.

My wife is paid to share pictures and chat about things such as furniture, rugs, and children’s clothes. You are able to pick any subject you’re interested in or know a little about.

#3: Become a Social Media Manager for Small Businesses

The first time social media began to be used, it was mostly used by people to connect with their friends and share their experiences. But the popularity of social media has grown to the point that it’s now becoming more important for businesses.

Small businesses often lack the time or expertise to create an effective social media campaign up and running. If you’ve worked with the social web, then you could be able earn cash by setting up advertising campaigns, publishing announcements about the business and describing its products and services. Businesses are increasingly required to be present through social media. You could be the person who handles questions, complaints and even starting sales.

The task can be accomplished online and you can also learn many of the things you require via sources such as YouTube and then promote your services on social media platforms and websites such as LinkedIn.

#4: Start a Facebook Ads Business

Facebook boasts greater than three billion users across the globe. It is, in fact, the most popular single communication medium worldwide. Its status makes it an ideal location for advertising.

I’ve made use of Facebook Ads to advertise an online course, and it became a huge success. I was earning as high as $3 per every dollar I invested in ads on Facebook.

Many other businesses are also doing it, or want to. If you’re an avid user of Facebook it is possible to learn to run advertisements from different sources. Once you’re comfortable then you can start offering your services as an Facebook Ad Campaign Manager for small-sized businesses.

#5: Sell Stuff Online

Before, I mentioned selling digital and physical items such as e-books as well as online classes. However, you can also make money selling online general products such as secondhand products.

My wife often does this through selling items on Facebook and other sites. It can start with selling items you already have however, it can increase to the point where you purchase items from garage sales estate sales as well as flea markets. and offer them for sale on the internet. You can make use of Facebook, Craigslist, eBay and many other websites, based on the kind of product you are selling.

#6: Start a YouTube Channel and Earn Money With YouTube Ads

I have personal experiences with this method, as well. I began using YouTube in the year 2011 and grew a following on my channel. The year 2017 was the first time I enabled ads on my channel and started earning as much than $6,000 per month.

Try to earn money from YouTube isn’t an immediate source of income. It may take months , or even a few years before you can reach this level of income. If you are interested in making videos and have a story you want to create, you can begin an online channel and start making videos. Then, you can include ads once you have sufficient traffic.

I even wrote a special blog post about the subject here in Forbes ( How Much do YouTubers Make?), revealing how much YouTube stars are earning on their channels. It’s awe-inspiring! One well-known Real Estate YouTuber Graham Stephan makes a lot of money by selling real estate classes via the Real Estate Agent Academy. The cost of his courses starts at just $497. This is only one of the examples. There are plenty more.

#7: Become an Online Video Editor

Perhaps you’re a professional with video editing abilities, but you don’t have a passion for creating your own videos So, no problem, you could offer your services for editing videos others create. Most YouTube videos, at least those that are professional-looking–use editing by third parties. This is what makes what would otherwise look like amateurish content appear professional.

The editor for video will alter the technical aspects – such as sound – and then add additional features including music, graphics sounds, effects on sound, and many other features. The idea behind this is to make the video more attractive to the eye.

Start by listing your services on websites like Freelancer, Upwork and PeoplePerHour. Once you have your resume with a list of completed projects it is possible to directly contact active YouTubers, particularly those who are emerging.

#8: Buy and Sell Websites

If you’ve ever bought or sold shares, this is based in the same way however, you’re trading websites , not corporate shares.

Selling and buying websites is a continuous process. The owner could become tired of managing an online presence, and sell it for someone who would like to have a website but doesn’t want to start from the ground up.

The two methods of that buying or selling sites can earn cash. The first is by purchasing an active website which is generating passive revenue from advertising. For instance, you could buy a website for $2,000 that earns you 200 dollars per month in income. Another option is to purchase the site at a bargain cost, gaining revenues and traffic, and then selling it for profit.

I bought several sites in the past and one of them is earning an entirely passive income of about $150 or so per month. You can purchase and sell sites through marketplaces online such as Flippa.

#9: Become a Virtual Assistant

Even if you do not have any tech skills You can earn money online offering services to people and businesses as virtual assistants. VAs are independent contractors, usually for small-sized businesses that can’t pay for employees.

It could involve offering basic services such as bookkeeping, customer service and correspondence , or more advanced ones, such as graphic design, marketing, and web-based skills. If you can find a few regular customers it is possible to earn $100 per day.

#10: Teach English as a Second Language

There’s a huge need in the market for the native English speakers to impart their knowledge to people who are immigrants to countries that speak English, or who reside in non-English-speaking countries and want to learn English. In the end, English can be considered to be the most close to an universal language, particularly when it comes to the Internet.

A particularly lucrative area is the teaching of English to youngsters of recent immigrants. They will be able to better transition into school and do better at school.

The job can usually be performed on the internet, and there are sites which offer jobs like Magic Ears. It is possible to begin gaining customers via websites, and then promote your products directly to schools and other organizations that could be in need of your expertise.

#11: Get Paid for Your Expertise

When people seek information or solutions to their difficult questions, their first port of call is usually the Internet. However, if you’ve got expert knowledge of every field, including law, computers and medical education, education, automobile mechanics, or home repair as an example, you may be able to earn a living by answering online questions.

There’s even a website on which you can share your knowledge known as “JustAnswer”. According to the website that the average expert earns between $2,000 and $7,700 every month, and can work any time, anywhere online. The site will pay you a fee for each question you ask and then share the profits with the website. This is a great option for professionals or tech expert trying to make a little extra money in the background.


I’ve listed 11 ways to make $100 per day online, however there are hundreds. I’ve restricted this list to methods for making money that I have actually tried successfully , or have known other trustworthy individuals who are using.

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